Welcome to Ochiba Japanese Bobtails

Japanese Bobtail
GP, RW Ginchika Jizo of Ochiba
CFA's 13th Best Cat in Premiereship for the '05-'06 show season
Shorthair Japanese Bobtail neuter.
We are a CFA Registered Cattery dedicated to the Japanese Bobtail. We are a small cattery and our cats are not only pets, but cherished members of our family. Our cats live with us "underfoot" and with other pets including rabbits, hamsters, and fish and are also well-loved playmates for our young son.

Do you enjoy a cat with high energy and an inquisitive nature? Do you want an intelligent feline companion who will gladly chase a kitty toy for hours, and then curl up with you to watch tv? If you like these characteristics then a Japanese Bobtail might just be the kitty for you.

Japanese Bobtails are an ancient breed with very distinct features - namely a short, bobbed tail, long, deeply angulated rear legs and beautifully chiseled cheekbones. They come in both short coated and long coated hair types, and the coat has a very silky feel to it. They come in many colors and patterns, with many cats having a greater ratio of white to color. Sometimes they even come in a solid color and even sometimes bi-color like the "tuxedo" type pattern. Eye colors can range from gold or green to blue or odd-eyed (one eye gold and one eye blue). Whatever the color, you can be assured that your Japanese Bobtail will be an exciting new addition to your family!

We are located in Northern California, in the heart of the Silicon Valley. We can very often be found at local cat shows on most weekends. Contact us for the schedule of shows we will be attending, because we would love for you to come by and visit us there!